upon a time

Marta, a simple butterfly whose huge wings featured all the colours of the rainbow, was fluttering across the woods, flitting from one flower to the next. One day she decided to open her wings to the world, pushing her luck and challenging the sad fate that all butterflies must face, a short life. She was supported by her tenacity and stubbornness and so she decided to explore new places. Her wings relished the rain under Irish skies, felt the warmth of the Moroccan sun, smelled the spicy aromas of oriental bazaars and the unusual noises of big cities. Until one day something unexpected happened. She was wandering across the town’s traffic, among stressed human beings and the deafening noise of horns. It was a rainy autumn morning and in order to find shelter from the rain she flew into a car through the little gap of a window that had been left open. A driver was shouting to the hesitating car stalled at the yellow traffic lights.

Marta smiled when she saw this funny big gruff man speaking to himself out loud in the car. Marta decided she needed to do something to lighten his day, but what? What could a small simple butterfly do? She looked for somewhere safe to hide inside the car, where no one could do her any harm and this was where she began to flap her wings. Suddenly, a pleasantly heady scent was released and took the man, unaware of Marta’s presence, by surprise. He tried to understand where that fragrance came from, looked down and saw a bright coloured butterfly. Captured by its beauty and the lightness with which it released that incredible fragrance, he forgot he was in a bad temper and finally…smiled.
An immediate long-lasting
fragrance for your car.


and innovation

The INNOVATIVE element is what distinguishes Marta and can be recognised among another million thanks to:


  • The BACK makes the butterfly UNIQUE and has been designed and made in order to increase the air contact surface and, as a result, the diffusion of the fragrance in the vehicle/room.The option of increasing or reducing the diffusion of air from the vents means the fragrance is released GRADUALLY.


  • Its formula makes Martalafarfalla both RESILIENT and LIGHTWEIGHT (and it does not leave grease marks on hands or other car parts).
  • The amount of perfume encapsulated in the plastic (30%) favours and ensures a LONG-LASTING EFFECT – it gradually releases a light fragrance even after months.The GRADUAL release of the fragrance means that all the nuances are appreciated without being too strong.


  • An accurate SELECTION of fine Italian and French fragrances. Each fragrance has its story, each story has its colour…


your fragrances






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pink roses

Try the spray version of Marta la Farfalla: easy to use, convenient to keep in your car and ready to use in any situation.

Marta la Farfalla spray is the perfect solution to freshen the car up quickly and lend a pleasant fragrance to the textiles.






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You can buy our Marta air fresheners in all LD Market stores or partner vending machines and car washes.

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Fra-Ber has been specialising in vehicle, motorcycle, boat and truck care products for over 30 years. Today, it is an active company and found in more than 60 countries.

Fra-Ber exports 60% of its production thanks to the trust shown by several clients who value its quality and cutting edge products.

Take a look at another Fra-Ber product, Bean: www.thebean.it.


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