Reed diffusers with sticks

Marta reed diffusers for environments are specifically made to give a professional and intimate touch to the rooms in your house. They could be a piece of furniture, both visual and olfactory, giving fragrance to the environment with spicy or delicate notes, recreating atmospheres of distant places or filling the air with sweet emotions.
Reed diffusers for home are equipped with Rattan wooden sticks which absorb scented essences and let them evaporate gradually over time, in a quite natural way, without special attention or the use of electricity. To have the best olfactory effects we suggest turning the sticks occasionally to allow a better spreading of perfume. They are suitable for every room in the house, living room, hall, bedroom and even bathroom or kitchen. Every place can be perfumed to meet the different needs of the day, welcome guests, treat yourself or others and mitigate strong unpleasant smells.

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