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Car vent-clip air freshener.
Fragrance gingerbread.

With this fragrance, Marta La Farfalla intends to give space to the archetype of spices: cinnamon. The latter is used to enhance the most delicious desserts and the most sophisticated dishes.

It has a pungent and long-lasting scent, suitable for those who love to always be able to smell and release perfume into the room. A fragrance with a strong and determined personality.

Head notes: bitter orange, citrus accents, cinnamon.

Heart notes: orange flower, nutmeg.

Base Notes: cinnamon bark, ginger root, vanilla, fava tonka, vetiver.

Patented design (copyrighted).

The back makes the butterfly UNIQUE and has been designed and made in order to increase the air contact surface and, as a result, the diffusion of the fragrance in the vehicle/room.The option of increasing or reducing the diffusion of air from the vents means the fragrance is released GRADUALLY.

The amount of perfume encapsulated in the plastic (30%) favours and ensures a LONG-LASTING EFFECT – it gradually releases a light fragrance even after months.The GRADUAL release of the fragrance means that all the nuances are appreciated without being too strong.

It does not leave grease marks on hands or other car parts.

To install, apply it on your car air vents and turn on the aeration system.

Color: Red (wings) and White (body).

Product dimensions: 5,5 cm x 4,5 cm x 5 cm (width, height and depth including hook).

Product weight: 1,6 g.

Pack size: 8 cm x 14 cm x 2,5 cm (base x height x depth).

Warnings: not suitable for children under the age of 14 years; contains fragrances that may cause allergies; before use, read the product information carefully.

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