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Stick diffuser air fragrance.
Fragrance basil and black pepper.

The cold, winter air recalls the deep, sonorous notes of this fragrance: precious cardamom tips with their enveloping and exotic glamour combined with the sharp freshness of black basil.

All completed with the gentle strength of black pepper. Black Forest is a clear recollection of central European forests where the morning dew does not dispel with the first rays of sunlight and the coolness of the trees quenches the spirit of time.

Breath after breath, we are taken away from our daily stress and, given its distant after-taste of wet earth, we almost hear the soft sound of streams flowing in the shade.

Head notes: pineapple, cardamom, papaya, bergamot.

Heart notes: green accents, violet, nutmeg, freesia, lily of valley.

Base Notes: amber, sandal, green the, vegetable musks.

Room diffuser with glass bottle and nine wooden sticks included.

Diffuser size suitable for perfuming rooms of maximum 20sqm.

Duration of the perfume about a month under optimal conditions.

Remove the cap and replace it with the one supplied, dip the sticks in the liquid and wait a few seconds so that the fragrance can be absorbed by sticks and released upward gradually.

To obtain a more intense diffusion, we suggest you to reverse sticks periodically.

Suggestions for optimal use:
The frequency with which the reeds need to be switched, determines the intensity of the fragrance, the more they are being switched, the stronger the fragrance will be. To moderate the fragrance’s diffusion, you may overturn only few reeds at a time.

The dimensions of the space, the high temperature, the direct sunlight, the exposure to air currents are factors that can accelerate the evaporation and therefore reduce the duration of the fragrance. Position the diffuser away from light, heat sources and currents and evaluate the format of the diffuser according to the appropriate size of the space.

Product dimensions: 5 cm x 24 cm x 5cm (circonferenza, altezza compresa di midollini).

Product weight: 4,54 g.

Product capacity: 100ml.

Pack size: 5,2 cm x 25,8 cm x 5,2 cm (base x height x depth).

Warnings: not suitable for children under the age of 14 years; contains fragrances that may cause allergies; before use, read the product information carefully.

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