Marta Spray Cotton Flower



Air freshener.
Fragrance talc.

A memorable fragrance suitable for any room.

A scent of talc that persists in the room without tiring, giving you the feeling of a familiar environment.

Head notes: Amalfi lemon, sweet ornage, talc accents.

Heart notes: turkish rose, gardenia.

Base Notes: vanilla, fava tonka, white musk.

Air freshener with plastic bottle.

Spray the fragrance in the environment, dose the parfume in according with the dimensions of the space. Direct the spray upwards, not on surfaces anche textiles..

Specifications: 5 cm x 21 cm (circumference, height including trigger).

Product weight: 0,275 kg.

Product capacity: 250ml.

Warnings: not suitable for children under the age of 14 years; contains fragrances that may cause allergies; before use, read the product information carefully.

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